Checking issues alot lately

Oh no, I agreed to house sit and cat sit my friends’ house while he is in Oklahoma. Which is ok, but, now I fear I will be driving twenty minutes added to my “checking” issues which usually I only have to do it around my own house. I am worried about his window air conditioner it is loud and he wants if left on and all for the cat. My therapist says everyone does this sort of thing with things that are important though. I don’t think she is correct on that, but well no doubt the cat will be fine, lol. I thought walking two hundred yards to recheck if I stamped an envelope was bad.

I am paying someone next week to look after my 3 cats. She will be living there while I am gone. They need a lot of care. Are you going to be living there while he is gone?

NO just checking and feeding and getting mail and making sure all is well every day was supposed to be, might be spending more time there now though.

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This girl that is sitting for me is glad to be staying at my place. She will be closer to work,and she gets to use the pool. Plus-she is getting paid.

I’ve done some cat sitting. Their favorite thing was to sleep with me while I lay on the couch. It was hard for me to stay still. Once I went to sleep and snored + they all had scattered when I woke up.

I had a really bad spell of anxiety driving while in my 20s I handled with OCD. I mean, I would check the car in middle of night with flashlight to see if I brushed something leaving parking lot turning left or drive around block to see if I hit someone standing on side of road. I actually turned down a job promotion because I would have to drive for work…This anxiety problem would have totally destroyed me if I had left it and dealt with the OCD with the psychosis after my nervous breakdown.

I’ve been SO disappointed in the social worker therapists, I think their training is only in interventions and all else is smoke/mirrors so I can NEVER say anything nice. The training is so overstated, most are reading off the rack self-help books for their training. You and I can buy these books and use them without any BS, high bills or retaliatory forced mental hospital stays for getting mouthy when threatened or called delusional…

Anyway, OCD treatment I found online requires 2 weeks of refusing to give into desire to check anything and just trust yourself…You may need to journal away the worries on paper for a few weeks later but it will totally stop the desire to double check anything…Slow yourself down enough to be mindful…Dealing with the psychosis, social problems, mental care, work and plain old survival requires accepting a few less responsibilities or saying no to somethings for us to be okay so do it. Then, I drove to the Texas coast on my own to meet a friend for a vacation through Houston traffic at 5pm, pouring rain, Friday at rush hour, terrible construction and nothing on map in a place I had never visited… So, I got over it and now I’m great…I even drive for work sometimes and no issues.

One psychologist ran a great story on like 20/20 about how to reduce driving anxiety because a lady had a similar complaint so he had her run over a bag of dog food to understood what it was really like to hit something so she could trust herself again & understand her double checking doesn’t look normal. Then he had her driving and driving with a companion so she knew nothing was wrong & lady got better.

I NEVER would have dealt with an abusive friendship, stalking, threats of terrible harm, crazy gang stalking strangers, vandalisms, trespassers, ruined belongings 5+ times, job loss by crazy coworker/messed up boss/unemployment denied, FWB who got himself in trouble, treated terribly in school, harassed by so many crazy strangers, lived in big city and small town alone with messed up stuff afoot all around like a drama freak show sometimes, huge financial problems, SSDI, then moving back with really miserable parents, surrounded by group of strangers talking about my ‘being on the check’ when I never EVER discuss this…Neighbors at last places saw someone coming and going trespassing at home even when I wasn’t home and even trash picked while garbage was in the garage and cops here refuse you any assistance until you can get pictures which wasn’t possible, I sold this place. I’m living next to cops now so feeling about as okay as is possible but I will wonder forever because I met someone bragging about all this and worse so…Anxiety. I hate the roller coaster of crap/drama and bad psych care teams for someone still functioning. I think I’m doing pretty well despite but things are nowhere near as easy as they were prior to nervous breakdown.

I usually just had a family member check Ma’am twice a week if I had to travel and had the mail held. Family lived close by anyway but would not keep my cat as their cat hated her…Now we put both cats into same house and things are working out great as one is upstairs cat and mine is downstairs cat.

I always had to board the dog at the kennel as he had territory issues and peed their house because their female dog bullied him. Couldn’t leave my little dog at home either as he would mess the place bad unless walked a lot. I let him go when I moved to a rental place as he was too hard on my deposits due to his accidents. New owner understood what was wrong with my little doggie which was better than I had when I got him from the pound.