Cheating on my diet

I’m cheating on my diet. I just had my very first tacobell crunch wrap and a pepsi. That puts me 150 calories over for the day. Guess I better go do my exercises. IT FEELS AWESOME TO EAT FAT AND SUGAR LOL


Try freshly brewed black tea and a little honey.
That got me over soda. I now like unsweetened teas.

I’m not on a diet, but I am noticing that I’m eating less because I can’t get myself to go to the grocery store.
Lol eating all the food that I have at home will empty out the pantry finally, but slowly.

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Taco hell is right up there with Jack in the Crack.
Sometimes you just got to push that health food nut down and get a lick of that sugar 'n fat for old times sake.

Ew. what did I just say?

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laugh out loud 15

i had taco bell yesterday when i weighed myself this morning i was 2 pounds less i kept it within my calories for the day tho

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that’s so good sigarino - keep it up. I’m being good today (mostly) lol