How've u got on with diet today

I’ve had 3 biscuits and 2 pots of jelly

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you are a legend.
take care

chicken, oats, ham, eggs, and two cups of coffee. yum

I drank too much soda today.

Oatmeal for breakfast. Sliced ham, yogurt, for lunch.
Dinner : Whole big can of tuna. Now I’m putting some chicken legs in the oven.

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Black coffee for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch, then one for dinner. Then, I got some halloween candy, ate it until I was sick…then ate some more later. I may get fat some day.

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4 scrambled eggs, 2 coffees , 2 glasses of milk, yogurt, some chips and salsa, 15 perogies with sour cream so far lol

Nothing for breakfast, soup for lunch, then a pork chop, sauteed bok choi, and rice for dinner, with a fruit smoothie for dessert. I still came in about 400 calories under my daily limit!


Bought a bag of frozen potato puffs at the grocery. Came home and ate them all.

Coffee, coffee and more coffee! Think I ate a salad sandwich as well. I’ve no fridge at the moment so little in the house and trying to avoid take-out and such.