Cheap supermarket bread is meant to be really bad for you?

I eat a lot of white bread. I want to stop eating it for a month, what alternatives can I replace it with to make nice but healthy lunches?


Wholemeal bread :bread::sandwich:. That’s what I use.


Yeah I eat whole grain bread

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Multigrain, whole grain, whole wheat. White bread is really bad for your health, it has a lot of sugar for one thing and it’s very processed.



Wrap your meat in lettuce.

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Now that you’ve mentioned it I usually eat multigrain bread not whole grain bread

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I am having right now break fast

37 rupees ~ 0.44 dollars


Bro you’re kinky af :joy:

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A drink and a bun for 44¢ damn wherever youre at the economy is doing good :smile:

Whole wheat and or multigrain are your friends @bobbilly.

Get rid of carbs and you’ll be surprised but I often have these things called “thins” from one of the bakeries out here. They are like a hybrid flatbread but I can still have a burger or sandwich and come in under a 37g max carb load.

When I ate bread wholemeal is a healthier choice.

I am eating oatmeal

Do you have that kind of normal bread slices with chocolate in it in your country? Try that.

If available…

I read the package, it’s whole grain that I eat

Buy good whole grain bread. It tastes a lot better.