Cheap Eats: Eat well on a food stamp budget

Since the topic of poor nutrition and difficulty with cooking has come up, I thought I’d share this resource I ran across:

I’ve tried many of the recipes. They are actually quite tasty, nutritious, and, most importantly, frugal. If you need some help learning how to cook or just want to make your meals more appealing, this is an excellent resource. It’s a free download. You can get your own copy of Good and Cheap here:



Thank you…!

I used to have a food stamp card…I was eating pretty good.

I knew this one guy who’d buy lobster with his food stamp money…there’d be nothing else in the fridge…no furniture in the house…but the guys got some lobster :smile:

This Good and Cheap cooking book is wonderful. I like it. Thank you for sharing, Pixel.

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Any bean recipes in that book :question:

Creepy is a bit strong. Over the top to call it that.

But alright.

I like baked beans mixed with mac and cheese. I was thinking about trying it with other types of beans.

White cheddar mac and cheese is my favorite.

That does sound good. I’ll try that.