Chantix, Powerful Stuff, Great for Quitting Smoking

I’ve been on Chantix almost a month now and overall I’ve had a pretty positive experience with it. It almost completely eliminates any urge to smoke. I just don’t feel anything, no craving, no anxiety, nothing. I’ve smoked around 6 cigs since New Years Eve, mostly for social reasons when I go outside with people to talk as they smoke.

As far as negative side effects, there were two incidents. I had major breakdowns that would have been hospitalization worthy if they hadn’t gone away after a few hours. I read that experiences like this are more common in the first few weeks of taking the medication so I hope I won’t be experiencing any more of them. They were pretty bad.

I highly recommend Chantix if you want to quit smoking. Just be careful. It can knock you for a loop.


Hey man that’s great! My GP balked when I asked him about Chantix, referring me to my psychiatrist. Pdoc said no way, and that was the end of that. But yeah I’ve heard 95% good things about Chantix.


I was a whore for cigarettes…tried everything to give up smoking and smoked a pack a day since I was 14.

Been on psych meds since I was 29 but got on the champix and didn’t even finish the course. Over here in Australia a pack of smokes costs you bullshite money…it’s up to about $20 a pack of tailor mades…priced me right out of the market. Shrink I see said give this a go and did like 3 weeks of the course and had a day where I said no more…I’m just not buying cigarettes today!!!

So…I just gave up overnight and it was done…frigging amazing!

Seriously. Works for some and it worked for me and I tried everything else…patches etc no good.!

A friend in the struggle,



Malvok what is your diagnosis and what meds are you on? I am considering Chantix again but I’ve heard its not good for people with a MI. I’m on Risperdal and Amlodipine for High Blood Pressure. The last Dr. I spoke with about taking Chantix discouraged it because he said being on too many meds could create more problems.

@Malvok that’s really great news that you are doing so well ! chantix worked for me and my ex wife once and we stopped for about 2 months, then went back and then the chantix didn’t work after that. so I hope that doesn’t happen to you if you decide to go back to smoking. I am on nicotine gum right now and it’s really hard since I fell down for a week or so four days back. Even though I had almost 80 days on my belt before that week or so, it’s just like stopping all over again. I have to really watch myself. anyways, good job !!

Glad to hear your on the vice free train still jukebox, I was wondering how you were doing. I hope the next 90 days past quickly for you, by then it should be a breeze.

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My room mate says he had anger problems when he was on Chantix. He had to quit. I’m glad that it is working for you guys. I’ll keep your reports in mind when discussing Chantix with potential users.