Success stories with chantix?

Hi, I talked with my mom buying this expensive med and she agreed. Now i need to get it prescribed. Anyone had success with it? What side effects you experienced?

It turned my husband into a complete monster.

He was moody, drank too much and combative.

As soon as he quit taking it, he was back to normal.

I’m using Wellbutrin to quit vaping and it works.

I tried wellbutrin, i still smoked on it. Wellbutrin has no positive effects on me

How much did you take?

I’m on 450 mg.

Cant remember, i was pęobably on standart 150mg. I was really nauseated on it and almost threw up in a bus while going to visit my mom. Also had crazy insomnia on it that only benzos helped

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Well, it’s not for everyone.

Sorry it didn’t help.

It was great for me. Made me a little sick in the stomach early but not intolerable. I didn’t even use the full course. Just gave up smoking after 2 weeks. Amazing.

Good luck with your attempt. Quitting smoking is hard!

My doctor never mentioned Chantix to me, but it was just recently approved in Canada when I quit and I had never heard of it. I might have given it a try if I had known about it, maybe it would have made the process easier. I tried the patch and gum but those didn’t work for me, when I took off the patch or quit chewing the gum the nicotine craving just came back. I ended up quitting smoking cold turkey about 13 years ago.

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