Changing your mind often?

I’ve always been very gullible, and susceptible to different positions and arguments. Usually I lean one way or another on this issue or that, but sometimes I switch my position when another argument comes along. Sometimes I think it’s just because I’m lazy and unintelligent, unwilling to do my own research on a given subject, delegating my position to how many experts support a position without even looking at evidence or numbers myself.

Does anyone else experience gullibility here? Do you have trouble making up your mind about broader issues? Should dummies like me stop thinking and leave bigger thoughts to experts and people who are actually educated enough to understand?

I guess having an opinion on politics isn’t that big a deal, as we have very little policy influence on our own. But it can affect interpersonal relations when it comes up and I end up passionately arguing for/against something I feel strongly about.


I used to be gullible. But like taylor swift’s new song says

“I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time”

I’m very ambivalent about most things.
If someone makes a persuarsive argument, sure, I can see things from their point of view.

Some say I don’t have a backbone. I think they’re wrong. I’m just able to see things from more than one side.

I don’t feel very strongly about anything anymore, so I try to shy away from passionate arguments, or I back out of them.

Seems like I’m always in a state of conflict. I can’t make up my mind so, I do nothing.