“Change of walk”


So I’m in an undergrad biology class and we discussed schizophrenia today, and one of the symptoms mentioned was a “change of walk”. Does anybody know more about this?


It’s an early sign. There are many early signs, but one of the most consistent and earliest is the psychomotor disturbance which also affects the gait. It can apparently be seen at a very young age in videos of adult patients with schizophrenia. It’s not of any diagnostic value at that early age.


What kind of gait is typical in those with the illness?


Awkward gait and poor coordination.


Years ago ,when I was still diagnosed with sz, a nurse told me he could tell I was schizophrenic from the way I walked. This was around 1978.


I’ve always been told I have a weird walk, so maybe there’s something to it.


I have always had poor coordination. My wife used to comment on my gait. One thing I tend to do is veer from side to side when walking, as though tipsy.
The other day when my stepdaughter and I went shopping she had to point out i was walking too close to the displays of groceries. I had veered to one side.


I have also always had poor coordination, and people have commented on my gait. I used to be insecure about my gait. I also bump into things all the time. I have learned to walk slower when I’m indoors so I don’t hurt myself.


I have a problem judging space and am therefore prone to walking into people, or at times walls.


I had early signs in high school with isolation,mild depression,cognitive problems and awkward walk.
After a summer of isolation when I was 14 years old when I went to school I notice that my walk was weird and I walked like a robot. This was my nickname by then from some classmates.
Also my english teacher told one time my sister ‘’ Why your brother walks this way?’'
For me is an indicator for a relapse when I start to walk weird and awkward.


I became psychotic after smoking potentially laced weed for a while. I remember one time after getting high with my brother’s friends I was walking away from them and I went from one side of the street to the other because I was so high. They were laughing at me and I was laughing too. It started affecting me while I was sober too and I’ve had to try in order not to wobble a bit when I walked. It’s gotten better now though since I’ve stopped smoking weed.


Just asked my stepdaughter. She said I walked wobbly but wouldn’t say funnily. I said ‘like a weeble ?’ . She said ‘no, like drunk!’


Perhaps there’s something to the saying “He/she’s unbalanced” ?


when i was first developing sz i started orienting myself differently. i read somewhere that high dopamine can lead to abnormal body posturing. i also walked a bit differently, that was only when i was in public or when people i knew could see me. it felt a lot like i was just acting to entertain people. it didn’t feel like i had to walk that way.


I’ve noticed a change in the way I walk recently and put it down to my meds. I have this short shuffling steps.

In the morning walking to the tram I look like I have mild cerebral palsy. It wears off as the days moves on but I don’t have a confident stride.


Change of walk means walking with a certain gait ie not walking normally but walking in such a way that onlookers may start thinking that there is some thing unnatural about him.


About 25 years ago I was prescribed Tegretol (an anti-convulsant) in an attempt to treat my schizophrenia and depression and it resulted in profound loss of balance and difficulty walking. I had to discontinue it.


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