Posture and gait in the early course of schizophrenia

As someone who has been poorly coordinated as far back as can be this subject fascinates me . My stepdaughter has said I walk like I’m drunk, and that I’m the clumsiest person she has known.

Many years ago a psych nurse told me they could tell I was schizophrenic by the way I walk.


My posture was extremely bad during psychosis early on
My parents sent me to finishing school to learn to walk again
My gait has always been funny - very clumsy even now extremely really
I toe walked at times as a child
Not a walk in public goes by where I don’t feel different, That’s actually a recent developments just feeling like not one of these successful family people and mean people who would laugh


Depressed people don’t walk upright with confidence.

Just give me the #%@!! research money, already!

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^ No mention of depression. Nothing to do with confidence.

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