Certain types of delusions

Did anyone else have the delusion that someone close to them was replaced by a look-alike. How about the idea that you weren’t human somehow? Like a vampire or alien or something? I feel some of my delusions were pretty heccas and scary.

Yes, i was thinking that my parents were replaced by aliens

I thought that my mum and other family members were replaced by androids

Pretty sure I’ve had just about every kind of delusion under the sun haha. For me, every single day of being unwell sparked a completely new delusion.

Other times i feel like my family is actors. It’s cruel to believe that you don’t really have family but actors

@Om_Sadasiva yeah its a very isolating and frightening beleif hay

Yes I think my family was killed and replaced by clones. I even got voices and commentary and visions on how my mom was killed. Hope this is a delusion.

Not trying to trigger you guys, but I felt like I was an alien or android or mutant or something like that. Started in college like I got abducted by aliens. Seems like it happened my whole life. The cloning thing hasn’t been ruled out too. I’ve been called a Vampire before in a parallel universe. But I identified as an Anunnaki (alien God). Same thing with reptilian and warlock lol.

It’s obvious you are delusional.

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Same could be said for you!

I guess you are right. Maybe you’re not delusional and maybe I’m not too. All I know is I was depressed then apparently manic. Years passed by and I started hearing voices even though I thought I was being turned into a spy. Then I think I was a terrorist. What about me seems delusional?

This line of thought is called the Capgras Delusion. You think that someone, usually very close to you, has been replaced by a doppelganger. I had it for a while some years ago and slept in my car because I was afraid my wife was a demon.

Yes I think my parents are aliens.

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I might be undead.

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