Capgras delusion

Capgras delusion in very common in schizophrenia? Some of you had capgras delusion?

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I have had capgras delusion many times, but recently I have had it in reverse, believing that someone I knew was in fact someone else clothed in a different body.

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I’ve had that experience lots of times Gagis, to a scary degree.

Yes, I have it. I think my family and neighbors are replaced by identical aliens

Strange Memory.

Long Ago.

I Was Home Alone. (During Christmas).

It Was Some Time After My Mom Passed Away (From Cancer).

And I Was Living Alone With My Dad.

Well Long Story Short.

My Door Was Closed as I Was Laying Down on The Bed, Listening to Music.

And My Dad Opened The Door And Asked if I Wanted Something to Eat.

(If I Remember Correctly).

Then Ten Minutes Later After I Got Up And Walked Around The House, He Was Gone.

Now As He Asked if I Wanted Some Food, I Was Jus Like, ‘Nah’.

Then He Disappeared.

As I Was Walking Around The House And Noticing He Was Missing I Jus Went Back to My Bed.

Some Time Passed And He Opened My Door Again.

Asking if I Wanted Something to Eat.

Like He Jus Got Off of Work.

I Once Again Said, ‘Nah I’m Good’.

And Was Perplexed.

Like I Seen His Ghost From The Future.

Some Experimental Government Test.

An Alien Wearing Plastic Skin Disguised As Him.

Or He Was Playing Mind Games.

To Thus Day, I Still Have Not a Clue as to What Happened.

Let’s Jus Say, i Hid For an Hour, Trying to Catch My Bearings… . … :100:

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That would definitely mess with me too.

I have this to but the voices push it