This is a very personal topic for me, but is it okay to masturbate several times 10 mins after taking my meds? Thanks

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No, you’ll screw up connective tissue.

Maybe if you’re young though.

Depends on how rough you are, tbh.

Lmao. Is this a joke or serious? Cause if serious then no it’s not bad too jerk off after meds but it is bad to give yourself a stranger all the time everyday.

Also depends on your anatomy. If you have a vagina, you can go more times in a row without causing damage.

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I almost want to ask if we should trot out personal records, but we have young members.

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If you are worried it is a side effect from the medication, that can happen. When I took gabapentin it made me hypersexual.

No it’s serious I just thought it could effect the dopamine as my drug I take is a dopamine inhibitor respiradone

Thanks guys a lot for the replies

Some meds make you hypersexual, yes I did it 6-10 times a day while on Abilify. Now on Risperdal I do it a couple of times per week, not everyday.
Its a very difficult topic to talk about it.

I lost my gf and suffered from hypersexuality for 9 years. My psychiatrist asked me many times if my sexuality was ok and I Iied saying its ok. It took me 9 years to tell him the truth. Its a good thing that you spoke about it because hyersexuality can make you do illegal things and even crimes sometimes like rape. Anyways, he changed my meds last year and no more hypersexuality.

Hypersexuality cannot make you commit rape. It does not affect your knowledge of right and wrong.

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It does increase your chance of doing it. I was ok with my gf for 8 years until I took Abilify, I wanted sex EVERY hour. Sometimes I nearly forced her into sex. I was NEVER like that before taking Abilify. Its science, why do you think people using drugs, have mental illnesses or Alzheimer are more aggressive? A substance or brain damage DOES make you aggressive and more likey to commit crime

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If you want I can post statistics here like I did in my other posts.

More aggressive compared to general population

You need to stop blaming bad decisions on the illness and start taking responsibility for the fact that you chose to make mistakes.

I am not blaming anything, I am just speaking pure science. People with removed amygdala become aggressive. Its the brain center controlling fear. We learned this in psychology at university. Someone in my class asked my teacher if mentally ill people are sometimes more aggressive and he said they can be sometimes but not as bad as ppl think.

People have limits to the amount of anger they have. If they feel too angry they have to take it out on the environment, even though they fundamentally know it’s wrong.

Not always. Statistics are misleading. Damage to the amygdala makes self control and emotional regulation fore difficult, but not impossible. If people get the idea that they can do bad things without guilt because they can just blame their illness, they won’t have incentive to do better.

I know not always but more than the average person. If what I said is wrong then why is there the Insanity Defense in law and courts?

I did teen masturbation until I was 20 at which time I just decided I didn’t want to anymore. It was surprising how the change improved my job performance.

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