For the guys out there, is this happening to you?

unrelated to my last topic about being friendzoned…

Are any of you guys suffering from a, well , from zero sex drive? The medicated ones that is. I never had an issue until they put me on Geodon, It’s a sensitive subject I know, but I think it needs to be addressed.

I have been on the Geodon for three years now, and though I really don’t treat sex the same as other guys, I usually at least have the urge for it, but these days I don’t. It’s like I’ve been neutered or something. It’s not making it harder to find a date, I am quite happy right now with my GF, but she asked me other day if I was turned on by her…and I had no answer.

It was hard for me to tell if it was the high doses of Seroquel or the negative symptoms.

I think it was a bit of both… and for a long time I was asexual. Huge zero sex drive.

But med adjustment… and finally finding a good combination… and that part of my life has woken up a bit.

good luck and I hope things get better for you :v:

I’m on a cocktail of medications and my sex drive is pretty low; down from what it was. I haven’t talked to my doctor about it yet, but I will. I would suggest that maybe you do the same.

killed it for me. It’s come back since I’ve been off.

I’m on a minimal type dose 10 mg Haldol and buspar so not much to lower sex drive. Clonazepam will lower the pleasure at the tip of the ■■■■■. Buspar just increases blood flow as a side effect. Too many boners though do you think that be a good thing?

Yes, my drive has diminished, but I still sorta have the feelings. I am able to be aroused, but I can’t orgasm. The meds have made that pretty clear.

I wish. Currently conditioning myself towards no sex drive anyway. Honestly trying to get rid of any shred of humanity I still have because it’s always been disastrous for me and I’m going to be better off if I can abandon things like my anger that makes me violently ill if I let it get out of control.

Risperdal has done a number on my libido and sex drive.

I suffer from retrograde ejaculation issues and ED.

The only reason why I stick with Risperdal is because its keeping me sane - No delusions or hallucinations in over 10 years.

I have talked to my doc about, which is why I will be losing the Geodon and moving on to Latuda I think it was…after, if that doesn’t work for my symptoms, I will be moving onto a medication that contains the same active ingredient as medical grade cannabis. From what I have been told, without the THC the chemicals actually help to mellow certain symptoms, and can reduce anxiety and depression, which are my two worst symptoms. I suffer from audio/visual manifestations, but those I can tolerate.

I feel that Sex drive is important for my current relationship, since my GF asked outright if I was sexually attracted to her. I had to tell her my meds made it so I couldn’t answer. I care about her of course, probably the best thing to happen to me was changing that flat tire last Jan.

I don’t take meds, but I can tell you, the mind has alot to do with sex drive.

I do’nt always take meds, but when I do, I do’nt.

But my advice to you if you’re already on meds is, stay medicated my friends.