Cbt for thought broadcasting?

Has cbt worked for anyone ? How many sessions did it take for you? And was yours real or no

Nobody’s thought broadcasting has ever been real. It’s scientifically impossible.

There’s no knowing how many sessions of cbt you’ll need. It’s a slow process, and it takes longer the deeper into the delusions you are.


@Broadcaster, I suffered from thought broadcasting and thought insertion for 33 years and many of those years I had CBT therapy. No amount of CBT therapy ever did anything for my delusions. It took intensive polypharmacy and lifestyle changes to turn all that around. Getting older helped also.

Nothing works 100% for everyone. Try it and see. Unfortunately mental illnesses are repaired through experimentation

Was it just cbt or medication and cbt just wondering? Thanks for the reply

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It feels real tho

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It sure does :confused: that’s what makes this mental illness so awful.

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CBT doesn’t really make delusions go away. It just teaches you ways to cope when they pop up. It’s behavioral therapy, it teaches you to control your behavior. That’s all. The urges and impulses are still there. Only medication makes those disappear.

Medication seems to do nothing so far

I disagree as this happens to me, I am confused by the fact it’s the only known disease to have the intellectual capacity to form grammatically constructed sentences, and in theory, works like Bluetooth or B.A.N systems.

Medication and CBT.

I have a method for dealing with Tb
Let’s just say there are two universes you see, hear, feel. One is authentic and one is background noise. For what the meds I take dont cover, I resign myself to the authentic, the side that my instincts know to be happening. The rest I can just let go of, even if the voices are making complete sense and I’m internalizing. Having that solace of silence is a miracle and so too is having an intact moral compass. It’s kind of like water off a duck’s back. I can say that without my experience with the disorder and a good amount of time, I would not be able to address the issue like I am currently able. I am fortunate to have a therapist who tends to think along the same lines I do. That’s really all you can ask for.

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