Medication for thought broadcasting delusions?

I have decided to get help with a psychiatrist to give me medication for my thought broadcasting delusions.
I have had thought broadcasting beliefs since I was 15 and I am now 17 (almost 18).
I am wondering that if going with my psychosis for such a long time if I can still make a full recovery?
I will be willing to take medications for the rest of my life if I have to to make the delusions of telepathy to go away.
I want to be able to function like a normal person again.
The only psychotic symptoms I have are delusions about telepathy so would I need CBT or just medications?
Would the medications help me make a full recovery? Sometimes I hear medications don’t help people with delusions at all…

**Recap: **
1.Do I need medications and CBT since I only have thought broadcasting delusions and no other symptoms of psychosis?
2.Will the medications take into affect considering I have had untreated thought broadcasting delusions for almost 3 years now?
3.Will I be able to make a full recovery with medications if I take them for the rest of my life so to speak?
4.What are the best medications for thought broadcasting delusions (I’m sure this is a dumb question but I thought I might as well ask)

(Note: I am not sure if this is the right category to put this question)

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telepathy or thought broadcasting?

Hi @l0tsofdelusions.

Yes, thought broadcasting is schizophrenia. If you leave it untreated it will get worse. You could lose all your privacy. Everybody reacts differently to different medications, so you may have to try a few to find the right one that stops the thought broadcasting.

I had global thought broadcasting and it come to the point where I thought I was broadcasting my life to everyone in the world. It was like everyone could see me living out my days in their heads. Watching the TV was impossible. If you leave it untreated you could get this worse as well.

Luckily Abilify has stopped all my thought and image broadcasting and I feel safe.

Abilify is an antipsychotic. You may not like it and another antipsychotic might suit you.

Thought broadcasting is devastating, you need to stop it.


Telepathy as in people can read my mind as in thought broadcasting.

everyone can read your mind or just certain people?

In psychiatry, thought broadcasting is the belief that others can hear or are aware of an individual’s thoughts. This differs from telepathy in that the thoughts being broadcast are thought to be available to anybody.

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I have the same symptoms! I believe that special messages are sent through the television and that people that are across the world can read my mind! However I am not that bad and I think those thoughts are ridiculous.However I do 90% believe my thought broadcasting delusions about specific people I have and have not met personally.
It is really bad! I had not been able to get treatment for personal reasons but I am finally attempting to get the treatment! I want all my thought broadcasting delusions to go away! They are my only symptoms of psychosis!

I just wanted to know if recovery was possible only on medications especially for someone like me who has been bad for years.
I will talk to a psychiatrist about Abilify.If they think it is right for me then I will take it if not I will take another medication.

You made a full recovery right? As long as I take my medications I will be fine right? I am willing to take them indefinitely if I have to.
Relapse is not an option for me.e

I think that anyone I think about or interact with can read my mind.
So I am not sure if that would be considered everyone.I guess it would.
It gets stronger around people I am constantly around.

Is thought broadcasting the same as having cameras in your apt that record you?

How much abilify do you take per day? Any side effects? Also have your symptoms gone 100% away for sure?

“In psychiatry, thought broadcasting is the belief that others can hear or are aware of an individual’s thoughts. This differs from telepathy in that the thoughts being broadcast are thought to be available to anybody.”

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god I used to think they put cameras in the heater vents

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Yes, APs can work for delusions including thought broadcasting. Sometimes delusions are stubborn though and there doesn’t seem to be one “best” med, it depends on the individual.

While prompt treatment is best, yes you still can recover, and at least improve, even if you have been untreated for a long time. You may have to try several meds. CBT is good too.

Okay thank you.I just wanted to know the likeliness of making a full recovery.No matter what I will try multiple medications and I will possibly try CBT as well.

It’s impossible to know exactly. There are factors that make it more or less likely but they are just factors. On your side, insight and willingness to take meds are both positives. Not taking any street drugs is also a big positive.

Yeah I am pretty happy that I am self aware.So many people are doomed to never get treatment or to get treatment after years or decades because they were not aware of their irrational thoughts so I am pretty happy about that.
I have never taken any street drugs since I would never want to harm myself or my body like that.
I hope I can recover and I believe I can if I try hard enough.
Even if I never 100% fully recover I will at least learn to live with it so CBT and medications are my only option.


Some people just have delusions, but unless you have enough of the other cluster of symptoms you might not have full on sz, just psychosis.

They say the earlier your treated the better, but some CBT will probably help you in conjunction with the possibility of meds.

Meds usually take a month or two to fully kick in and some of which come with nasty side effects that you should discuss with your Dr.

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Pretty much, it’s meds and CBT. Although if meds don’t work there is ECT. There are supplements too, in conjunction with meds and therapy. Just to provide support to the brain. But those are just add ons. It’s meds, therapy, and lots of persistence.

Is ECT successful? I doubt I would need it but what’s the success rate and does it have any lingering side effects? I will try my best to use CBT and medications to recover.

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I am sure I do not have schizophrenia as I do not have any other symptoms but this is the only good forum for people that are psychotic so that is why I posted on this forum.I plan on using both medications and then CBT.I will try to be patient as the medications kick in once I find the right ones for me when I finally receive them.Thank you for the advice.

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Well, I haven’t had it but yes, studies indicate. They will not suggest it unless meds don’t work for you.

Meds work for like 70% of people though, whether fully or partially. So chances are, they will work for you although it might not be the first med you take.

Eta, I’m not sure they do ECT for delusions only. But either way that’s jumping way ahead, meds will most likely help.