CBD Oil effective?


My name is Ken. I am new to this forum, looks pretty sweet. Anyways, I was curious if anyone has tried using CBD oil to help combat insomnia. I am trying to turn to a more hollistic approach and have nothing but good things about CBD. Has anyone here tried it?



I think @eeee and maybe @Gina2 have tried it maybe they can tell you more when they’re online.

It’s not a substitute for antipsychotic meds though.

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Check out theanine for insomnia too.

Useful for insomnia or psychosis?

CBD may not be as strong as an antipsychotic. There do not appear to be any publications comparing it with other atypical antipsychotic medications, so there is no way of knowing which is more effective.

My educated guess is that it can soothe anxiety and help doze off to sleep, but be careful if you are on other medications at the same time, due to drug interactions.

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There is at least one study comparing it to amisulpride with similar effects - however the dosage was so high as to be unaffordable by most people.

However I think the dosage for anti anxiety and sleep is lower.


Thank you guys for the advice. I am going to try a company called Triniti CBD. I will keep you guys updated on how it turns out for me!

If you can find a CBN product that would be even better. CBN (cannabinol) is also a non-psychoactive compound of the marijuana plant, and acts as a sedative/anti-insomnia.

Yes, I take Hemp oil/CBD oil capsules for arthritis pain and anxiety. I have no trouble with insomnia either. I don’t know if that is related to the capsules or not. I take melatonin 6 mg tabs every night for insomnia. It all seems to work pretty good.

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CBD is great especially if you have schizophrenia and like to smoke weed it really helps

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Do you smoke a strain, if so which one? What’s the THC:CBD ratio? And how does it help you?

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@eeee I don’t think that smoking weed is safe with psychosis…sorry but weed triggers the simptoms. If you want die you can smoke weed. About CBD (non psychoactive substance) In 2 o 3 years we have more data about CBD with the trials and we can say if CBD is effective to treat psychosis with a confirmation.

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I agree with you 100% that was my experience it triggered it 30X worse for 8 hours
Glad my cat who is deceased after 10 happy years stayed the whole time with me when i was psychotic during this near death experience

I think eeee is talking about the CBD strains that are very low in THC.

I smoke higher THC content it has more effect but there is something in the greenbud that isn’t good so it’s easier to start smoking kief first then move up to smoking normal cannabis.

@eeee you so irie!

I have nothing but good things to say about CBD oil and hemp oil. I take it in the morning and it lasts all morning for my terrible anxiety and lip pressing. Completely knocks it out. I take 0.25 mg of Klonipin in the afternoon for anxiety in the second half of the day. That works quite well too.