CBD not ruled out completely

I contacted GW Pharmaceuticals as I couldn’t find any information that said CBD trials were finished and I got this email back:

"Thank you for your email enquiring about our schizophrenia research.

Please note that GWP42003 (cannabidiol [CBD]) is still in development and has not been approved by any medicinal regulatory authorities worldwide and is therefore not commercially available at this time.

GW Pharmaceuticals issued a press release in September 2015 detailing the findings of the most recent Phase 2 clinical trial exploring the use of CBD as a treatment for schizophrenia. All of the information currently available in the public domain relating to this research features on our website (www.gwpharm.com). GW is now analysing the data to fully understand the appropriate next steps regarding product development in schizophrenia. At this time it is difficult to indicate when further clinical trials may take place.

Further information about this completed study can be found here or by visiting www.clinicaltrials.gov and searching the ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT02006628.

My suggestion would be to occasionally monitor the GW website (address as above) for updates, as this is where we post the latest information.

Sorry that I cannot assist you any further on this occasion. Feel free to contact us again at www.medinfo@gwpharm.com should you have any further queries."

So not all hope is lost as yet.


Confusing…but cbd based pharma is echo pharmaceuticals. .its in 1st phase …try to look at it…

Interesting. Hope something good comes out of this.

Thanks very much for this. I’ll add their website news Rss to my Rss reader. You never know…

I wish that they would hurry up already. I used to self medicate with pot so I would have no qualms about taking a cbd based drug. I think they would be moving along faster if the whole cannabis legalization issue wasn’t so controversial. Oh yea and the fact that big pharmaceutical companies will lose millions to a natural medicine and people will live a whole lot longer.


I think the contrary big pharmaceutical make milion with CBD compound syntetized. When CBD hits the market we have a big improvement in our life…

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Again, not condoning cannabis smoking… however a particular strain with a good amount of CBD did help me a little bit.

You live in a cool state actually though.

Thank you. It is the people that make it that way. California is the most diverse state in the U.S. that means there are a lot of different types of food to try… among other things hahah if you catch my drift Juanito.

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