Schizophrenia drug Cannabidiol on the way (phase 2a)


Thanks, more information on the key ingredient:

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I wonder how it will work out, Wont be seeing this in my country even if it passes trails for awhile since the plant is band even for medical here.

Very interesting. Can it make you high? I mean does it contain THC Im wondering

I really doubt they would put any THC in it as that can make schizophrenia worse, My guess is that it is pure CBD.


cant wait. Ive heard great things about it in school. Might just have me off of geodon and xanax. I dont like taking meds exactly…I am fortunate to respond to them, but no one enjoys taking 6 pills a day.

If it turns out to be as good as current antipsychotics with a better side effect profile over the long term that will be a good thing.
Sometimes people stop meds not because they lack insight but because the side effects are so bad. Anything that can improve this situation must be a good thing.

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I wouldn’t trust it too much yet. I mean it has to do a whole lot to stabilize a person as well as like seroquel can. At this point it controls epileptic seizures but no real over whelming data that CBD does anything for sz at all. Like I wouldn’t rely on it just yet. Although promising it may sound. Just smoking it helps my depression but I’d need to smoke it all day and I can’t.

I did some research on CBD on the net - it sounds very promising in treating psychosis, anxiety and schizophrenia in particular. GW pharmaceuticals is responsible for the phase IIa trials of CBD for schizophrenia. I wonder if and when it will get FDA approval - here in the states of course. Very curious and looking forward to trying this new CBD based drug

The trial by GW Pharm. is in England. The phase 2 trial may run into 2015-2016. Then there would be a phase 3 trial if the company can afford such a trial. Often small companies have to get a bigger company to partner on late stage trials . GWP42003 in the trial is used in combination with other existing medicine.
Another factor is whether the product can be patented. If not then financing is more difficult to obtain.
I hope it works out.
phase 2 trial link


Found another pharma that has a clinical trial for CBD as anti psychotic.
so far its in phase 1 and the drug is believe to be (arvisol)
hope one of these drug can really make it through to help us without the bad side effect of todays drug.

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Marijuana is an antipsychotic I can vouch for it because I use weed. It helps my symptoms and anxiety and pain. I feel more stable than ever. I do ofcourse still take my prolixin too. I don’t want to “go solo” on weed nor should anybody here do that.