CBD came in

It is nice and soothing. I think it will help prevent agitation and stress that could lead to psychosis.

You got the oil? I’ve taken the gummies while I was already fully medicated by antipsychotics and all it did was make me really depressed. I’m all for alternative Medicines though! Just didn’t work for me.

Reefer madness?

not even close

when I went to the store instead of getting stressed and hearing voices like I normally do I felt like a normal person just buying their groceries it was better

There was a movie by that name on turner classic movies I recall especially entertaining

Christian book delivery

You can get CBD vape liquid for your ecig. I can’t remember who first mentioned it here. I’d love to try it, but would be paranoid that the authorities would get confused and think I was ordering something with THC in it. (with my luck)

i think people assume it’s a nicotine pen

vaping the CBD is kind of depressing but it really helps to stop the psychosis. when I get that feeling like I can’t shut up I use it and it makes all the difference

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I’m definitely keeping it on my radar.

I had to stop taking it. It ended up making me very depressed.

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Please tell me the results of this, as I got a vaporizer the other day and have easy access to cbd oil.

I’m hopeful about CBD oil for my symptoms, maybe more-so than psych meds. Did anyone have any entirely positive results?

I’ve produced my own oils then formulated them for vaping with good effect, however, I’m currently finding oral administration of Oleamide to be practically as effective with other benefits too. It has affinity to CB1 receptors (not CB2 [psychoactive]) and is a natural member of the endocannabinoid family. It also seems to synergise with SSRIs and GABAergics and has some mechanisms affecting glycine metabolism. If you’re unable or unwilling to try CBD, I highly recommend Oleamide. My source was Lift-Mode on Amazon (no affiliation).

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I like you, you’re very informative. Thank you lol, I’ll look into it. I already jotted a note about Oleamide from another post of yours. At least I thought it was your post. Ionno

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Thanks for the kudos :slight_smile: I imagine it was me. I’m fairly stoked with Oleamide so I’ve been praising it a fair bit lately.

First time I tried it I could tell it made me a little depressed and my head pound a little bit. I thought no big deal. It mostly helped with being out it public. The depression got really bad to the point where I felt like cutting myself a lot so I had to stop taking it.

However I’m known to have very weird and unique side effects so take it with a grain of salt.

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After 2 years off of abilify, I can still feel the abilify in my system. But every day the abilify feeling of numbness is slowly fading, and now I can feel the effects of anything I put in my body… Sort of. So when I was on abilify CBD felt great , well, I couldnt really feel anything from the CBD. But now that I can actually feel what’s going into my body I can now feel the effects of CBD. I’m sorry to say that the CBD makes me miserable. Everything is darker and gray and dim, and the CBD just makes me depressed. My heart races more than normal and it just feels like cannabis. It makes me soooo tired and miserable. It might work for some but for me I need drugs to actually handle cannabis and hemp. I like having CBD after a few beers, because I can handle weed if I drink along side it, but to use it everyday as a medicine is too depressing for me. Oh well. Guess I wasted 3 years believing it could help my schizophrenia. Now I can actually feel the effects of CBD I’m not really gonna waste my time with it.

I think it would be better to wait for the actual drug to come out. I have a feeling that there’s a big difference between the cbd oil that you vape and the cbd med that they’re creating

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Yeah. The difference is the drug would be federally regulated, so you would know exactly what’s in it and how strong it is.

Yea @ninjastar and going by what I’ve been hearing about this cbd oil. The side effects must be a lot better