CBD oil calms me and eases my arthritis pain

I just got online and ordered some CBD oil (not from hemp), and I put one dropper full into my coffee cup each morning and it calms and relaxes me as I am full of anxiety on most days. It also eases my arthritis pain and stiffness. It has antipsychotic properties, so, it is good for sz/sza. It has zero THC. It just calms and relaxes me and eases my pain. I can do with that, definitely.


What brand is it? Are you in the UK?

I think @eeee vapes cbd oil in his ecig. Do you notice any side effects?

I expect it is like l theanine but with#out the addiction factor. Have you compared the two @Anonaccount ?

Right now, I’m using CBD Drip Gold Regular Strength. It is for vapes. But, I just put it in my coffee because I am not a vaper. I’m changing brands next time to something just for oral use.

No, I have not tried I theanine.

I’m in Omaha, NE, U.S.A.

The only side effect I get is a little bit of dry mouth. But, that’s just like pot. The good effects are easing of anxiety and calming effects and easing of arthritis pain.

Sounds great. Good discovery.

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If you ever try the two I’d love to hear if there is any difference between the body relaxing functions. @ me if you ever do please. :slight_smile:

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How long do the anti anxiety effects last?

I really don’t know because I haven’t tried it without the aid of Klonipin and meditation, which are also an anti anxiety. I will try it and get back to you.

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Depression. But the sarcosine I take causes mania so they cancel eachother out. The CBD really helps when I’m in a different environment to not skitz out.

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Oh geez. :worried:

CBD has anti psychotic effects.

it totally is nature’s natural anti psychotic. and it actually works unlike pharmasuticals
thc = psychotic
cbd = antipsychotic

it doesn’t completely eliminate the symptoms but it greatly alleviated them to the point you can forget they are there where before they would be crippling


Would have been nice to see just cbd reaction, rather than cbd/thc combo and just thc.

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Can u get this stuff in Australia?

With the oral Hemp oil CBD, the anti anxiety effects last around twelve hours. You’re supposed to take a dose every twelve hours.

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I don’t know about Australia. I would Google it.