CBD and its effects

Not to rain on your parade, but every time I’ve stopped meds it has been a ‘great success’ for the first couple of weeks at least. I’ll take this seriously when you go for a year without prescription meds. If it doesn’t work over the long term, I’m not interested. Sorry, but I’ve heard this so many times before where people swapped out some other supplement or vitamin for CBD.


@SzAdmin. I thought I saw you post something saying that cannabis promotional propaganda garbage was banned from the forum? I think all of this rambling on cannabis is trash.

The thing is, my condition is quite different. I usually can’t go a few days without suffering a psychotic breakdown, supplement or not. So going even a few days without psychotics losing a good couple of pounds and regaining mental faculty, to me, and quite possibly others, a great success.

Thanks, your informative opinion is duly noted.

Im a believer! keep up the good work. maybe one day well be able to ditch these antipsychotics for something a little more “natural”

Truly! Thanks, so far things are going well and continue to do so. Wether it will be 6 months like @velociraptor said I’m not too fussed. The chance to do a few things with a clear mind and above all, lose some weight is imperative to me. Thanks for your support.

There are posters here that had relapses after two years off meds. @everhopeful was one, I think.

Ah I see. The thing is, I’m hoping to take other supplements with CBD such as Omega 3 oil, hopefully with the intention to help balance the neurotransmitters in my brain. Don’t know if it will work long term but it is starting to show positive effects…

That never works, I tried treating my psychosis with natural remedies, omega 3, vitamins and a thing I don’t remember the name but I think @Azley takes it. It didn’t work, I landed in the hospital anyway.
If you decide to live your life off meds, take into account that your symptoms will return and that either you can learn to live with them and suffer, or land in the hospital for being a danger to yourself and others.

Be careful with yourself.


I’m taking the utmost care with my health at the moment, even more so that I’m off ‘traditional’ anti-psychotics. The omega 3 and vitamins isn’t meant to treat the psychosis, thats what the CBD is there for. To stave off psychotic symptoms naturally, while the omega 3 and vitamins help to rebalance the brain, in theory anyway.

I know it’s risky behaviour but I don’t have much left to lose. It’s very early days at the moment, so I can only really confirm it as being a success if I have been off anti-psychotic medication for at least a month, which would, in my case, be a considerable improvement considering I can’t stay of medications for more than a week without sever psychotic symptoms. This pertains to me however. So in that regard, I can consider the CBD and omega 3, to be an improvement so far.

Ultimately though, time will tell…

Well, you were warned. We’ll be here if it works or if it fails. Good luck

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It was for me, too, then I went off the rails and my wife nearly tossed my arse out of our home. It is now understood that I don’t EVER tweak my meds without involving her in the decision because of the pain the previous episode caused us.

FWIW, I was also losing weight and feeling like the King of the World once I ditched meds. The good news is that the episode prompted a switch to a better head med, which really helped (Geodon) with thinking and feeling better.

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How long were you on Geodon before it stopped working?

4 or 5 years. Could be that it was still working, but that I’m doing too much and that lowered its effectiveness. Also, my cardiologist wanted me to switch to something else.

My pdoc is under the impression that if a med works properly, you can do basically anything. And there’s also some symtpom lurking around, we’re not completely free. I think if you felt it loosing efficiency, probably was. Glad you’re alright on Rexulti though :slight_smile:

You haven’t seen my volunteer workload.

I order a very low dosed CBD oil and it wasn’t cost effective. 100mg in the whole bottle and that is a baseline dose for aiding with psychosis.

CBD does occur naturally in the body as well as other cannabinoids… it’s a semi-natural substance.

If you’d like a better natural neural inhibitor what you should be looking into GABA and ways to trick the body into producing more. This can be done by diet and supplementation… If done irregularly it should raise the body’s sense of higher GABA being part of homeostasis… or the body’s tendency to maintain similar chemical levels. GABA can’t cross into the brain from the blood stream… but it is actually produced in the brain… so that’s the trick make the brain make more by getting the body used to needing it.

That aside GABA on it’s own is a very very mild muscle relaxer as it quells some of the nervous feedback… a relaxed body can make a relaxed mind. I’ve used it in combo with other things to be a natural sleep aid combo. GABA, 5-HTP, and Valerian root. Quite the potent knock out mix.

I roll with my psychosis without regular medication… and it has continued to get better over time. The symptoms are their always waiting to be accessed, but they don’t freak me out and it’s more like background noise… there are moments of total control but the trick is to become unaware of the symptoms past, present, and future so the brain quits prompting them.

I still have my bad days… trust me on that… anyone who talks to me regularly can tell you I do get behind and under.

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This was what I took. Did nothing for me, but yeah, everyone is different

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serotonin syndrome is actually some pretty serious ■■■■… running fever and stuff. I backed off on taking that stuff as much.


Have bought some Uridine, have heard some very good things about. Especially intrigued by the possibility of it modulating my dopamine levels and also helping to rewire the brain. Apparently has these beneficial properties.

Improved and stabilized mood
Reducing stress and anxiety
Modulating or stabilizing dopamine release
Improvement of sleep and sleeping patterns
Tons of other benefits to brain, cellular, mitochondrial and neuron health

Will let the forum know, once I have taken it and can evaluate its effects…