Catholic birds

I saw a story on the daily show where the catholic guys in robes let some birds go as a symbol of peace or something like that.

A seagull and black crow or something like that swooped down and killed the birds almost instantly.

Perhaps God isn’t very happy with the church? Maybe they should share their money with the needy?


The seagull or crow might have been sent by Zeus.

No, zeus is the head demon, vatican means “prophet of the serpent”, so we can put two and two together.

That weren’t no zeus.

Well that’s the most illuminati thing I’ve heard in a while!

The pope released peace doves praying for peace in Ukraine. The crow attacking the doves is a sign of war and civil unrest in that country. :loudspeaker:

In Kyiv the Riot Police destroyed The Red Cross

:heart: EuroMaidan

No, it doesn’t.

Ya know, it could just be birds being birds. Not everything has to be supernatural or prophetic.

The black crow of the Night’s Watch. Winter is coming. (winter has been here and I am sick of it)