Cat plays fetch

1 of my 4 cats (Minka) plays fetch with a hairtie and brings it back and drops it in front of me and I throw it again, and repeat the process until she gets tired. Anyone’s cat do anything odd like this? :slight_smile:


mine plays fetch too! When he wants to play he drops a toy at my feet. I toss it across the room. He runs to it, bats it around for a few seconds and then trots back, leaving it at my feet once again. He’ll do this until I get bored of playing! He doesn’t get tired, I do lol!

I half trained him to do that by feeding him a moist cat treat when he happened to bring me a toy. I quit, though, because I didn’t think he was getting it with voice commands. Then one day, he dropped a toy off at my feet, pawed at my ankles, scratched me a bit, and when I angrily threw the toy away to get him off he fetched it and I laughed so I threw it again and that’s the story of how my cat finished training himself to fetch. He also trained me to throw the toy as soon as he drops it in front of me by scratching me if I ignored him and his toy. :confused:

He’s also trained to jump up on this one counter on command when I say his name and “come on come on” while tapping the counter top. He’ll jump on a chair and then onto the counter and I’ll open the bag of moist cat treats and feed him one!


That’s awesome! I just threw the hairtie one day and she brought it back, and it never stopped since. She doesn’t scratch me but meows at me. My cats each have a special word and sound I do to stop them doing anything their not suppose to, or get them to come to me. I think cats fully understand us, they just often choose not to :stuck_out_tongue:

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