Playing with my cat

He scratches the scratching post, I ask if I can join him, and scratch the other side.

Sometimes I walk on 4 legs and he gets all confused (is that what I do meow! :cat:)

He licks his leg I lick mine (ok that ones a lil weird ;))

I don’t mean to mock him, just play with him by copying his behavior…then he bites me and says “you’re not a cat!”



Tiggy is a bit the same when we get on the floor.

He gets a bit confused and starts playing with us like we are other cats which can get a bit rough.

I’m not brave enough to get on the floor anymore! :blush:


I used to mimic my dog and he really had a great time with it! So did I to be honest…

I took acting classes for half a year, just to have fun and become more at ease with human interaction, and one thing I remember our teacher told us was that copying an atitude, any characteristic actually, truly trying to copy it, not mock it, is the most flattering thing one can do.


Lol!!! This thread is funny

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Is this the i married an animal this is how. Our lives are now thread…

My cats love it when I get on the floor with them, they get really excited and happy. Claude doesn’t want me to play with her, but likes me to sit there while she plays on and around me.

Somehow this is so much more exciting than playing on the bed or on the sofa.

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My little dog does a “play bow” to try to get me to play with her on the floor. I call it the doga pose of “upward facing dog butt” :smile:


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