Career goal

I spent a lot of years getting all of the degrees and certificates working in my old profession. It is however a very stressful and demanding career I’m afraid i can’t handle it. I am working at a simple job right now, which is quite easy for me. My work output is good enough they often give me a compliment a lot of time. But i have a lot of energy in excess. I want to accomplish some more.

I have considered getting another part time in the convenience store. Or get a volunteer work tutoring students with physical disabilities. Mommy said volunteer work yes part time no. Actually mommy wanted me to work on an easy job and not to work in the stressful career again. She thinks it would be enough if i can buy meal. But I’m not earning enough to finance myself and i don’t feel comfortable. I’m making myself spending a few hundreds dollars only every month. Most of the time, i only spend a few dollars in a single day. Mom said don’t do that. I don’t know i want to have some savings.

I’m not feeling competent enough to work in my old profession again. But officer in the centre said maybe in the future. I’m wondering what i can do to make myself get better? Anyone can manage a difficult job after having sz? Is it possible to get really fit?

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accept your limitations…
and work around them… :heart:
i look to others to inspire me…when the ’ sz wall ’ hits me
steven hawkins…has created a life,
even though he has restriction.
i look up to his intelligence…
courage… :trophy:
he is an awesome human being. :heart:
take care :alien:

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