Sunday drive

I just about totalled my corvette. I was getting on it at a green light and some lady ran the red light turning left right in front of me. Nearly tboned her. Locked up the tires. You could smell the rubber. I honked.

Be hard to find another C5 at a good price with low miles and yellow like this one.


You’re all lucky nobody was seriously hurt. I’m sorry about your car though.

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Towhees, sorry for your car, I hope you weren’t hurt?

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We didn’t hit each other. I missed her. Everyone is okay. I thought about following her and giving her a word but she was a woman so I let it go.

I’m glad it turned out ok

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Oh! I misunderstood !

You’re very lucky then !

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Excuse me? What does her being a woman have to do with how you handle the situation? (Not that I think “having a word” would be a good idea.) Women are not these little precious snowflakes who can’t handle confrontation.

I honked. I know she saw me. She could tell I almost hit her. We were probably both scared. Talking about it wouldn’t have solved anything.

She was turning in to Target. I am sure she thought about it while shopping.

I personally think it’s great that you thought about how being followed and screamed at by an angry man would be received differently by a woman.


But also, yeah not a good idea to do to anyone. Too much risk of an altercation that would lead to injuries and/or arrests.

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I am 51. Not a hot head anymore. I am not confrontational or looking for a fight.

Mr. Star used to do this thing in crowded parking lots where he would follow people back to their cars so he could take their spot. He came late to meet me one time, and was annoyed because he did that to someone, and she saw him, then turned around and went back to the building. He didnt realize that, to someone raised as a girl, he looked like a potential kidnapper/murderer because he was following a woman back to her car. He understands now, and doesnt do it anymore.


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