Car accident

I was in a car accident yesterday. My back hurts and I will go and see a doc at 1 pm. Me and my friend(driving) were the last car in the line and this car comes running straight into our rear. My pdoc (saw her today) said I could get trouble sleeping because of this. I already have trouble sleeping. :frowning:

Has anyone been in a car accident? How long will my back ache? Did you get nightmares or trouble sleeping?

In 2011, I was in TWO car accidents. Both were caused by the other drivers texting while driving.

I had back pain for about a month afterwards. But that was because it was merely muscle strains.

There are many different types of back pain, depending on what was damaged (muscle, spine, vertebral discs). Your doctor should order an MRI to find the cause of your pain, as MRIs are the best method of diagnosing musculoskeletal injuries.

I did have a few bad dreams after the worst accident. But they stopped pretty quickly. But I developed a terrible fear of driving, and even just being in a car. That was the worst part of it all to me.

I hope your pain and mental anguish stops quickly, so you can enjoy good health for the holidays.



Thank you for answering. Doc said it was muscle strains. My spine and neck are ok and it didn’t hurt when she pressed on it with her thumbs. She said I should eat painkillers and move alot, not be sitting still because that will make the pain worse and make me stiff.

The pain killer and gentle movement is what saved me when I was shaken around from a big accident as well. It was partly my fault. It was during that time when I had my kid sis driving me a lot.

I taught her how to drive when she was 12 and I was drunk when I did it. So I was drunk in the back seat, and the 12 year old kid sis was driving. A car ran a red light and the kid sis veered and we hit a bus shelter. (no one in shelter) What a mess. After that accident I never let her drive until she was 16 and got legal.

I have to admit, she got mad at me for not letting her drive anymore. She used huff and say, “You hit one little bus shelter and all of a sudden it’s big trouble.” Because of me, it never dawned on her that it was because she was 12.

I’ve been in several accidents.Got hurt ONCE. When I was 15 me and a friend were joy-riding in his sisters car when she was gone and eloped. My friend was driving and we ran head-on into a pole. It knocked out his two front teeth and gave me whiplash. But I had two cars totaled under me when I was driving. And I never had nightmares but my friend and I used to freak out a lot when driving as passengers in other friends cars.We used to both unconsciously brace ourselves with our legs against the floor, anticipating a car accident. We both did that for months before we both realized what we were doing.

Okay. I’ve been driving myself and that feels okay. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when I’m the passenger then. I’ve had no nightmares, I’ve been waking up 4 times/night, but I don’t think its because of dreams. I had nice dreams tonight. :slight_smile:

It’s so hard for me to calm down when I’m a passenger. I tend to be a very back seat driver.

radmedtech, I had a very similar reaction to a car accident I was in. I stopped too suddenly at a yellow light and was rear ended. I had such a fear of driving for years afterward.



I’m sorry that happened to you too. Have you gotten over the fear? If so, what’s helped you?



Anthony, i am afraid it took me years of driving without an accident to overcome my fear of the road. I don’t have any good solutions to tell you. I am sorry.


I’ve noticed that I drive much more careful now than before. But that’s not a bad thing. :slight_smile: i’m not afraid to drive, but I’ll see on Sunday when we’re going for a ride and I’m not driving!