Here comes the back pain... Again!

I refuse to believe this has anything to do with depression. I am happier than I have ever been. My problem is if I go back that’s what she is going to pin it on.

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Are they going to run any tests first?

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Hope you feel better soon @anon80629714 :smiley:

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Ish, I hope you can find a good doc and really let her know it’s NOT M.I. If you’ve been sitting to much with no movement in a bad chair with no lumbar support, that could cause pain.

Sleeping wrong or hyperextending can cause amazing pain. I’d say try a chiropractor first. Then if the chiropractor finds something conclusive, the other doc can’t pin it on M.I.


They’ve blood tests nothing came out of them.

I am in an office job 7.5 hours a day i think your right.

That will do it! i`m in same position. Every few minutes I get up and stretch, or take a walk outside.

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I just got over a back injury. It bothered me for more than a month. In fact, I could barely walk or stand up straight. Anytime i sat down in a chair , I didn’t know if i would be able to get back up. It scared me because I live alone and If I fell down or couldn’t move from a chair, there would be no one to help me. I’ve had back injuries before. But this last one was the first time I got really scared that it might be permanent. I used ice on my back. And ibuprofen.