Cape Town is soooooo hot

Plz can someone swap me some cold weather ???



@anon39015889, Sending you some cool positive vibes.

:cool: :ice_cube: :slight_smile:


Is it hot there all year? Or is it summer there?

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I wish I could,

But it’s still pretty warm here in California.

We ran the heat last night, still, it’s nice during the day.

Does it ever get real cold in Cape Town?

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36 f right now for me, usually about 20 in winter and 90 in summer, worst part is i have no heat or air conditioning


Oh I want to trade! Its extremely cold today with a severe weather warning out. Brrrr :snowflake:

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@Montezuma Thanks for theee vibes mate :slight_smile:

@Loke its summer here in Cape Town and its only hot in summer. Winters are cold.

@anon54386108 hey Rexy rex, its fine, thanks for wishing you could send it. Ill brave the heat out :slight_smile: Yea it does get cold in Winter hey. Our winters and summers are opposite for you folk in the USA.

@cigarino Sorry to hear man.

@FatMama Bring IT ON:) I wish I was in Canada in the snow. I would just go lie in it in the road and get refreshed :slight_smile:


You welcome big dude!

I forgot to add in my other post to drink a lot of ice water and Gatorade.

You gotta stay hydrated mane!

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It’s 70 degrees here. I’ll swap with you. I have AC

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I turned on my fan and pointed it your way, its -27c here


Yes its crazy hot here in CT. Can’t stop sweating - even without hijab and in the house. And don’t talk about the car… its a furnace driving! Grrrr! I am glad for the breeze from the sea though.

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