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I’m diagnosed borderline mild intellectual disability ,depression,mixed personality borderline and paranoid features .my iq on neuropsych was 71 verbal comprehension low average perceptual reasoning extremely low working memory borderline processing speed low average . It said I have borderline intellectual functiong and place me on cusp of qualifying intellectual disability pending adaptive behavior results. Although did show some inconsincties answers which could be to carelessness,reading difficulties,confusion,exaggeration,malingering, defensive since. Adaptive behavior showed definicies in all areas including activies of daily living and acamics .also mention endorse psychotic symptoms then sent them paranoia,suspious hostile difficulty working others. Could this be good sign of me getting approved for disability. I see shadows and mention them as people but endorse then deny psychotic symptoms and was disqualified schzioaffective

You don’t write like someone with a 71 IQ. I’d get retested if I were you. In regards to getting disability, I’d ask an attorney what your likelihood is

For that matter neither does Bobbilly write as though he has a 69 IQ . That having been said crystallised(verbal) intelligence isn’t always a good measure of fluid intelligence


To illustrate the point .

Open psychometrics Verbal
open psychometrics verbal

JCTI timed culture fair non-verbal

JCTI timed test culture fair

Isn’t the psychiatrist the one decinding if you have ID? SZs don’t have ID and ID is not a symptom of SZ. ID individuals have low IQ accross all tests and they won’t be able to write on forums the way you are writing. ID is way worse than SZ.

Screenshot_2020-03-20 Oxford Textbook of the Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability"intellectual+disability"+"rate+of+schizophrenia"&source=bl&ots=cdiPrRnjqO&sig=ACfU3U3Pf61qWeo9Q9kX2tbJx4Q3oZGVxw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjgzN_k46noAhXFQ0EAHfrUBlI4ChDoATACegQICRAB#v=onepage&q="intellectual%20disability"%20"rate%20of%20schizophrenia"&f=false

I have low average? Vocabulary from iq test overall 71 which psychologist believes is valid I went college and graduated but can get stumped and sometimes understand hard stuff but sometimes not easy stuff and I do lot research like in college was told do PowerPoint was confused didn’t know what was and how make it or have program to do it so wrote paper thought it would be same no! I was diagnosed schzioaffective but that was undone and none personality disorder non specified with paranoid,borderline personality qualities.:heart:

I also don’t have intellectual disability I have borderline mild intellectual disability which is close to having one and just a mild one so no I would not be severe enough impact vocab

Just to acknowledge your reply firemonkey, yes I’m diagnosed with a IQ of 69… On the wechsler III tested back in 2010…

To Wahoos46 - I’m from the U.K… We don’t have too much emphasis on IQ tests to obtain disability benefits here. You aren’t tested at school… I was tested in 2010 by an Intellectual disability psychologist, at the time I was psychotic and they needed to determine which services I needed. In the UK if you have an I.Q under 70 your needs are met by Intellectual disability instead of generic mental health services…

Wahoos46 - I have found because I’m diagnosed with a Mild ID it didn’t help me get U.K. disability benefits. The schizoaffective disorder got me this… What it did help with is being put under the community ID team and this is a good team to be under. In mental health they discharge you on you being well, In ID its holistic and they’ve supported me ingoing for 10 years and they don’t discharge you…

That IMO is a spectacularly dumb time to test someone , unless it’s accompanied by testing the person when the psychosis is under control . That would give a better guide as to whether the low IQ result was due to the psychosis or not .

I asked to be retested and my pdoc said it wasn’t in my interest.

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