Okay, I can't deny this. (TW)

I just keep thinking that I need to be punished. People are out to get me.

I continue to tear out my skin and I don’t know why I want to keep doing it.
I might just sleep and see if I feel better- maybe I’m just feeling really ill.

I’m just so awfully tired and worn out lately from my MD and from the hallucinations and I just…can’t.
Like I can’t do this. It’s just so hard.

I feel like I’m melting away and I can’t understand why I’m hurting so much.

What if there is a demon sleeping inside of me and I’m just a burden that needs to be erased?
I don’t know.

Like I just can’t.

definite;y not a demon but psychosis

I’m trying to understand this…
but it’s hard. I just want to dig it out.

I also had delusions of demonic possessions but they are just delusions, hopefully the meds will kick in an it will subside atleast its not permanent and will pass delusions usually do. You could try religion as an escape if your worried about demonic possession because according to scripture you cannot be possessed if you are a reborn Christian because then the forces of the devil have no authority to act

My priest said I’m not possessed and it’s purely mental health issue.
It’s not really about demons- it’s like someone is sitting in my soul. I just want to punish myself for it.
I’m going to try to forget it and go with the plan I have for tomorrow.

It must be weird having those feelings, do you hear voices and suffer from hallucinations as well?

You do not have a demon in you, it’s just part of your disease. A lot of people here have this same symptom. If it makes you feel better maybe you could talk to a priest that specializes in exorcism. They are hard to find and I don’t know what it involves or what the rules are but maybe just the process will make you feel better. I have no doubt that you aren’t processed or have a demon, maybe it could be anger or rage that you feel growing inside of you! Hopefully meds will work!

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