Can't sign up for ABLE just yet

i think the maximum amount i can save and keep my medicaid is around $300,000 although im not sure the amount. anyways i cant sign up for an account because the bank isn’t really open right now. just drive up. here in indiana we have to go through 5/3rd bank for able accounts. so will wait for them to open back up more than just drive through services.

also im going to hold off on putting in any more job applications until i speak to my pdoc this month, to see if he will work with me on meds should i need to go back on pills, if i lose my medicaid, which won’t happen if i have an ABLE account.

if i go back to work i will likely make the maximum amount of money allowed in 20 years or so, so after that i may consider trying to apply for ssdi again. only this time my benefit would be higher. not sure what im going to do. but hope to be employed again before the year is through.

i was mistaken just checked an indiana dot gov website and it said $450,000 was the maximum, meaning i could most likely continue to work up until retirement age or close.


I wish I could have an able account but I worked until my upper thirties. I’m happy for you that you can do it.

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Able is not for me. After I die, the funds go back to the state. That, and I can only have $100k and then I lose my SSI money. I rather have a disability trust, which I have.

Just be careful and aware of things. It’s probably the right thing for you. I just have SSI and no kids. Just me.

There’s also a lot of restrictions.

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