Have Any of You Guys Heard of the ABLE Account

I am getting too old and disabled to take advantage of it but those of you in the US who are stuck on SSDI or SSI, and are still young and strong enough to work have a fairer shake from the government if you work and the price of your meds are way up there like they were for me when I was struggling to have a better life than I ended up having. There is something called an ABLE account for disabled workers which allows you to save more than the $2,000 to $3,000 that we have been regulated to for so long. I believe it’s as much as $7,000 a year and can accumulate over time. If you are young and have a long time ahead of you this can be a real help to have a better future than I had. You may make a bigger purchase than you otherwise would have had, or maybe live in a better neighborhood. It looks like the best thing they’ve had since I was saddled with this disease and i wish they had it when I was younger. There is hope for a better day.