Can't really connect with people my own age

Some…but tonight I went to an AA meeting for young people and I felt out of place. Maybe I’m getting older, maybe I’m an “old soul”, maybe I’m just idk. But I have trouble connecting with young people. At the AA meetings with old people I’m very social considering I’m SZ and we tend to get paranoid around a lot of people. But tonight was weird. Other than that I’m in a good mood though :slight_smile: College football has started and I’m pumped! Winning all my bets today.


I fell yeah I can’t really connect with anyone rehire. Oh is it not really much of a spo45s fan

It’s better to be able to connect with someone rather than no one. I don’t know what your situation is but when I was young my illness kept me from achieving many of things others my age were achieving so I couldn’t connect with them either. At least you have friends.

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When I was young I couldn’t connect with anybody either. I guess I’m still only 26 though.

I used to have older friends (now it’s a mix) when I was in my teens & twenties. A thing I think often is that younger people are bad at admitting they judge people or come up with a flimsy reason to judge people (it’s not their fault). Older people have 'been there" and are generally better at being ok with ‘People who aren’t like them’ ( or at least acting like they are). Also there is a weird cultural pressure thing, ‘these People are like Me I should be more like them or connect with them’. That is False. It’s ok to not like people.

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Thanks for your insight

Just shows some level of maturity in you… well i think so anyway :slight_smile:

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Thanks @anon80629714

Although I think there’s something special about younger folk too, us older folks have something to say too!

I’m 50 years old, and still connect better with today’s youth than my own peer group. Guess I’ve just always remained ‘young at heart’.

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On dating sites, (i know what you’re thinking there she goes again), I tend to attract the young ones , like guys in their mid 20s… have no idea why

Everybody loves me, lol. A pretty Asian women in a dress gave me a huge smile this morning. It’s going to make me feel good the rest of the day. I like asian women.

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You look younger than 31. Or are you 32 now??

omg you too :stuck_out_tongue:

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