Cant get a buzz from alcohol

I use to be able to drink 6-8 beers and get a buzz. Now I can’t get a buzz. I’m on Invega and it blocks dopamine receptors. I’m gonna be going off invega next month. Anyone else on meds and can’t get a buzz from alcohol?

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I get a buzz after drinking too much.

I have a hard time getting a buzz too

i was on invega and had same problem, now iam on abilify maintena and i get buzz from 4 beers.

I can get a buzz from drinking one or two beers

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im off the liver rot 20 days


38 days for me! We are doing great Pedro!


The Haldol depot injection totally changed my body chemistry in regard to alcohol. It cut how much I can drink by over half, but I still can put away a large amount of alcohol. I can get a buzz, but it doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Before I got the Haldol shot the high from alcohol was almost like a narcotic to me. It felt good. The Haldol pills didn’t make that change. It was the Haldol shot. Why I don’t know.

Try being on three medications that amplify the effects of alcohol

I used to drink 96 oz of 8.1% Steele reserve in one night easy…and I’m a small guy. I put on 40 pounds since then and I had 2-3 beers and it would put me to sleep. Now I do the smart thing and don’t drink at all.

I don’t drink but i haven t been getting a buzz from smoking but every so often…I use it to treat my ap upset guts side effect…it works wonders…

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