Can you get a caffeine buzz?

I found a guy on YouTube who takes Zyprexa and can get a caffeine buzz. He uses half a cup of coffee to make his coffee.

I’m on Invega Sustenna and can’t get drunk or get a caffeine buzz even when I drink 900mg of caffeine or more. It really sucks!

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I get a caffeine buzz now, but I didn’t on Zyprexa and I’m going to try to go back to that soon. Much as I love my caffeine boost, I can’t handle stress at the moment, and I really want that more than the caffeine buzz.

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yes i can but it takes a lot, one product a pre workout called no explode, made me very jittery and gassy. i don’t take it anymore. but it’s rare i get a buzz, mostly drinking to much caffeine prevents me from getting to sleep early at night.

its probably a placebo lol. half cup would do nothing. he probably imagines and expects a buzz so he perceives to get a buzz.

i just had a double espresso and im barely awake.


I think I need two pots of coffee to get a buzz. not worth it and I enjoy getting to sleep at night.

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900mg caffeine is a lot.

I have one energy drink a day with 160mg caffeine.

I still get buzz but not as strong as it used to be when unmedicated if i want a strong buzz i need more caffeine.

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I used to drink down a six pack of diet soda all at once and it made me shake. It used to scare me a little.

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