Can't enjoy life properly because

I’m feeling an impending doom fear…


Like in the sense that my mental energy lives on in a hellish fashion perhaps psychotic. When I die.

What to do about this torture to my peace of mind?

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Plus I’m worried what if I die soon, and I’m not prepared for hell. How can I prepare for that in my thinking.

I am sorry you’re suffering…
I wish I had words of advice to give you.

Is this a feeling that occurs often?

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I experienced ‘hell’ in my psychosis. If I’ve already experienced it, whose to say it won’t happen again when I die.

How am I meant to feel ok

Thanks Human…

It is like a lurking feeling at the back of my mind, nagging me subconsciously usually, but coming to the surface from time to time.

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I feel you… my delusions will sometimes come to the surface… but you just gotta fight through them and hope for a better day.

Maybe a med adjustment is needed. Have you told your psychiatrist (or whoever you see) about this?

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If it makes you feel any better most people who were clinically dead and revived said it was peaceful when they were gone I feel like I told you this before though sorry if I’m repeating myself


I dug my way out of that hole by researching NDEs. 98% of Near Death Experiences are positive. People often go to a better place, meet loved ones, and become forever changed for the rest of their lives. Basically what @anon80490300 said.


I have told them about it yea…

I just get so scared and depressed about it.

Maybe the answer is acceptance of it. But then I’m scared I’m ATTRACTING hell after death to me lol! Because of that acceptance.

In recovery college I was told what you resist persists. I feel like maybe I just need to accept it.

Lol!.. As a possibility anyways

I hope your delusions come to the surface less :green_heart:

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I’m worried about this too. At least 98% of NDEs are positive. That’s reassuring.

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Thanks that is reassuring to hear think you may have said it before yea but it’s good to hear again.

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That’s the thing though, it’s a NEAR death experience, it’s not actually death…and plus they are not me…

But yea it does still provide some reassurance. So thankyou :slight_smile:

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Well they were technically dead for short periods of time, and sometimes with no brain activity. In the seventies and forward, new tactics for resuscitation emerged, which kicked off the commonality of reports of such experiences.

I’ve had the “hell and demons” part of psychosis, it was soooo scary! That was back in 2015. I thought my soul was on trial and the voices were judging me. I’m glad that’s over.


Ahh… I’m sorry, hopefully this feeling/worry will go away…

And thanks❣️

How long have you been on your meds/when was the last time you were in the hospital?

It’s been a little over a year for me and I’m finally feeling a bit stable.


Why worry?

Be happy let’s goooohohoo!


When you go to Heaven, you are given a harp.

When you go to Hell, you’re given bagpipes.


Lol… You’re funny. :rofl:

I mean I think it’s unlikely, the hell thing, but a small part of me thinks what if.
That’s all it is.

I was hospitalised in 2016 that’s when I was medicated too though I attempted coming off in 2018 but it didn’t work out.

Wow you’re very new to all of this…if just over a year I didn’t realise

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Thing is, if God exists, I believe he is good, but… What if he doesn’t have a choice in say about everything like maybe there are some things that just are like that,

Eg hell after death. For me

But yea like I said, it’s a small part of me but it gets blown into a huge fear.

Oh well that’s good👍

And oh nah, I was diagnosed/hospitalized in 2015 or 2016 but I came off my meds about two years ago and ended back in the hospital a year later

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