Can't bloody sleep

Stress. Voices. Arrrrrgh.

Playing with some cart software I’m going to deploy after X-mas.

Going on week two of this. Considering seeing the pdoc.


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Not too bad to touch base with your doc!

Stress is my biggest problem. I’m a normal, attentive, stand up guy till I have to do it or work or such and then I’m a mess! No idea about this software but it looks pretty interesting…not bad having a hobby with things and I know you keep pretty active!

Touch base. It’s not a bad thing!

Meanwhile. I’d recommend listening to anything by The Sisters Of Mercy. Best Goth band ever to go to sleep too and available on youtube! Put it on repeat and your good!


Sleep pixel sleep…!!!

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Bloody sleeping doesn’t sound healthy anyways :wink:

I concede your point, sir.

@velociraptor it might have something to do with being on the spectrum, lots of people with autism can’t sleep at night, they give kids melatonin which mess their brains up so it can’t produce melatonin on its own.
Adults mostly take a sedating antidepressant, low doses work best in the long run.

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