Cane toads captured hitching a ride -- and trying for more -- on Australian

For @cbbrown

– One person tweeted, “Bloody hell. Stuff of nightmares.” –

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Oh. I didn’t see that. I didn’t even read it. I just saw toads and thought of cbbrown

It was actually an interesting article with some funny tweets.

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Oh my word! That is a little mixed up. @Loke thanks those tweets were funny. I’ve heard of the cane toad problems in Australia like they are killing large populations of fresh water crocs that try to eat them even so much as having one in their mouths can kill them. They aren’t native to the Australian continent so they are dangerous.

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Oh wow. I just now read the article

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I had roads on my face and in bed with me.

I was alone in rustic Schack out Bush in monsoon rain and there were holes in the walls and roof and I woke up feeling something on my face and it was a toad.
It happened again and I saw them in my bed .
I was sleeping and they woke me up.

Such a unusual thing to happen.

Lots of wild life there and leeches.

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