Canada is 6 days away


From legalized marijuana. I’m not opposed to it. I’m fairly indifferent about the whole thing. I may try an edible for fun but that’s about it.


Be careful. Generally, pot and schizophrenia don’t mix. I tried it three times, and each time I was chased by demons.


My boss is watching the local public Facebook groups to make a note of who admits to using the stuff. They can expect their resumes to get tossed in the future when they apply with us.


That seems like an ineffecient way of doing things. When I hire new people, I just find the resumes I like, then check their facebooks. I don’t waste my time looking at everyone who might apply one day. But yes, admitting to pot use on a public forum would be a barrier to employment for my company as well.


was just thinking I may not smoke pot again.

was outside having a cigarette and the neighbor was making a bunch of noise on one of his tractors. if I were on pot all the outdoor sensory stimulus would be magnified and i’d be paranoid people are up to something. also the neighbors shoot guns in the summer, not a good environment where you can relax and smoke without getting paranoid.


Pot doesn’t bother me. It used to make me super paranoid when I tried it on my teens and 20s. Then last year I accidentally got hold of a vape pen with a thc insert. I thought it tasted funny and the owner was like OMG not that one.

I just laughed a lot

My husband is going to get medical marijuana which here is just oil on sublingual paper or the vape inserts. Iwont touch it just in case though.


also I tend to feel policed when I smoke, it brings it out of me and I have a hard time relaxing. it feels like a struggle for authority and a place without freedoms. this is magnified, not a good feeling.


I think this is bad for Canada. The marijuana argument is misunderstood and people are going to abuse strains that have high THC and low CBD, and end up developing schizophrenia. There will be tens of thousands of new schizophrenics thanks to this crappy legislation.


Flameout talkin here…

It’s totally RAD!! Canada is legalizin weed!! I haven’t worked since Mr. Clean had hair, but I just bought stocks in the Dorito company…my retirement strategy!



My State will most likely be legalizing recreational cannabis use soon.
There will be a vote on it in a couple of weeks.

It doesn’t bother me so much.
I’ve tried weed in college and all I did was laugh a lot.


after the election it might happen here they’re saying


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