Can ziprasidone be taken once a day?

My state insurance is going to be cut off, apparently 24,000/year is too much for my state’s government lol.

I’m no longer going to be able to get Invega trinza considering it’s literally thousands of dollars. Apparently ziprasidone is $120 at my local pharmacy w/o insurance.

I was wondering, instead of taking it twice a day like it’s supposed to be taken could you just up the dose x2 and take it once a day and have the same effect, without any weird comedowns or withdrawals or rebounds?

ps, if you guys have any reccommendations for cost effective second generation antipsychotics im all ears.

No. You have to take it twice a day. I used to double up at night and I got psychotic every afternoon.

The half life is too short.

Generic abilify.

(10 mg aripiprazole oral tablet from $19.38 for 30 tablets)

As far as I know it has to be taken twice because of short half life

I took it once a day and got interdose withdrawal. Not fun

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i also got withdrawal in between doses when i tried once a day on that med.
its half life is extremely short, since your in invega (i am too), you might should try generic risperidone since invega (paliperidone is basically the same med, good rx coupons bring risperidone to ~$10 a month without insurance and it wont be a big adjustment mentally. i took ziprasidone in the past and it was a nightmare for me, tho im doing well on invega now

The only thing about risperdal is I literally gained 100 lbs in a year and a half on that when I was on it. That’s the first med I was ever on

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oh thats not good than, generic invega tablets are about $200-300 without insurance if you use a goodrx coupon but that can be quite a bit

Can’t beat haldol for the price and doesn’t it have the least amount of weight gain of all APs? I hated Haldol though.

I used to take it once a day with no problems. When I lost weight, I split it into two doses to metabolize it easier. But I had no problems taking it once a day back when I did. Everyone is different though. Geodon is really tough to get with no insurance though. $120 is actually super cheap. When I had no insurance, I had to pay $350 for a bottle once.

Geodon can be taken once a day. I did that for 2 years.

Ask your doctor

I took Geodon once a day for years too. That’s why it took me 7 years to figure out I was schizophrenic and get stable. The first 5 years I was sick were really bad. I don’t recommend it if you really have psychosis but it took me a long time to figure it out. I was always prescribed it twice a day but I took it all at night because it made me sleepy in the morning. It doesn’t do that to me anymore.

Taking it twice a day changed my life but everyone is different. If I forget my morning meds I am a train wreck by lunch.

Geodon (ziprasidone) can be on the cheaper side with a discount card. They’re available throughout the country. It’s weight neutral. Try

So if I have physcois ziprasidone won’t help me? I told my doctor that I been hearing voices and this is what he prescribed me. I haven’t taken it yet though.

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