Can you take direction?

I absolutely cannot.

I thought I would get better as an adult,

But every time we’ve moved houses,

Or I’ve had to take on a massive project that is not my own,

It’s pointed out I don’t take direction well.

Even when I was working,

I was only really doing super when I got into management and had more control.

Maybe my process is just different from others.

How about you guys?

Is it a personality thing or is this common in our community?


I need direction in order to do things. I get overwhelmed looking around and seeing everything that needs to be done. I shut down. So my husband tells me what needs to be done, one or two things at a time, so i feel like i can get it done.


I’m not bad at directions so much but I am horrible at navigation. I had a hell of a time when I did electrical work always having to drive around finding houses all over the place. Thank God for GPS. Once I got a Gps in my vehicle I had much more success.

I got lost several times without it. It was stressful.


I have an absolutely awful sense of direction. Even when my mobility was better I’d never venture far from where I lived on my own.


i think its mostly personality. maybe your just a natural leader. If everyone was the same the world would be copy and paste x infinity and boring. it great to be a leader, though i think we still have to make sure were gentle.

A painter needs many tools; big brushes, small brushes, course ones, fine ones and all in between.

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I’m pretty bad with directions myself.

lol true, i think i have a good sense of direction. When i was homeless i used to use the stars and sun to navigate what direction i was going in and what time it was.

Guys, I think the OP is talking about being told what to do during a task. You know leadership or follower qualities. I don’t think they are referring to actual gps directions. Although that can be a problem, too.


I can take direction from people I respect. Idiots are told where to stick their direction.

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It’s more a case of being able to follow directions, than an antipathy towards doing so. I don’t do well with spoken or visual directions/instructions. I need things written on paper or as a text file, that I can use for as long as I need to.

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I take directions well if they’re given respectfully and not too many at a time.

If I’m doing a task, and someone swoops in to tell me I need to do it differently, I get a lottle annoyed, but usually thank them for their input.


No. Not so well. Often struggle with accepting and following directions.

It hasn’t improved much.

I try to take direction but person keeps talking and i have no clue of what there saying to me

Yes, I can take direction.

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yes, east, west, north and south …once you get the hang of those poles in directions and understand how to read the sun when you get lost, north , south, east and west always help me more in directions.

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I don’t think I take direction very well. But I certainly don’t lead often.

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That’s what it’s like for a Starbucks barista I bet!

I’m getting my money’s worth if I’m paying $7 for a beverage. I try to make my orders as annoying as possible. (With apologies to @Grookey.)


Why half sweet but extra shot of vanilla?

That would be my only question if you came up to me and said that really fast lol.

6 going on 7 years at Starbucks

Oh also the non fat oat lol