Can you imagine this weather


Here in Finland where I am we have no snow at all and the temperature is plus celcius, no lakes are frozen and people could swim in these lakes, we are expecting to have the black Christmas, no snow at all, soon in 11 days days start getting longer and we are heading to the summer of 2015, still without any snow, bears are hunting in the forests and not sleeping, where is this world going to.


But hey - according to the Republicans it’s not man made, even though we do burn 20 million barrels of oil a day in the US alone.


It’s like 5am and I’m in just shorts with the fan on. It’s like 18oC right now.


it was 12 C yesterday here in western canada


This warm weather is a threat to some animals such as Saimaas’s seal, because they have cubs under snow in winters and when there is no ice nor snow, there are no cubs and Saimaa’s seal may become extinct, polar bears are also threatened.


I have a darn Armadillo digging in my yard still…they should be inactive (Though they do not hibernate)…been in the 50s F.
I personally enjoy mild & warm winters but too much upsets natural balance.
I had trees bloom in February one year which was all good at the time…early spring…until it started hitting 100+ regularly that summer (106 the highest) and 2 of the trees died…

That was 2012, which they say was the hottest year recorded

So far 2012 is the hottest year on record in the United States, and daily temperature records have been broken all across the country as heat waves and drought — both predicted outcomes of global warming — grip the nation.

Oh, and global warming is a hoax too…LOL, though I did have one winter that seemed we would have an ice age with below 0 F temps a lot…