It has been hot


It has been very warm in this July here in Finland, between 25-32 celcius every day. Yesterday it was 32 celcius. It is like being in Miami or Thailand. I am waiting to have some cooler temperatures.


I know how you feel. Its been 100° here in south Texas. That’s like 38 C.

That’s a beautiful picture. Was that taken in Finland?




That’s unbelievable given that Finland is located in the far north of this globe. We usually get 35 Celsius in Nanjing, China this time of the year. But today it is 31 Celsius here due to the arrival of a Typhoon.


I do not know where the picture was taken, but here it has been five celcius degrees warmer than usually. If the temperature rises like this in the whole world, the globe has some serious troubles. Last winter was also very mild and there was very little snow in the end of December and brown bears could not sleep their winter sleep and walked around in the forests in the middle of the winter.



Al Gore’s nightmares may become the reality when the temperature rises globally in next 100 years, large ice masses melt and this elevates sea levels which may cover many coastal areas around the world. Al Gore could have been a good President.


Al Gore actually had a lot of good qualities going for him. But for some reason, the American public just didn’t like or “connect” with him. I respect his environmental work very much.

Prowling brown bears in the forest is scary! Thankfully we don’t have to worry about them in my inner city area lol.




It was so mild last winter that I saw swans flying in December, these birds typically migrate to south, Al Gore actually got the majority vote in America in 2000, but Bush won him by appx 500 votes in Florida and due to the American election system Bush became the President and started all wars.


Actually Al Gore’s legislative initiatives in the 1980s enabled the establishment of the whole Internet that people use now around the world. Without his initiatives we would not be writing here. Of course, people do not remember this.


Al Gore may have been a too good man. Back in 1998 when Bill Clinton had lied to the federal investigators about Monica Lewinsky and he was being kicked out of the office, Al Gore went to the public TV and said *to support this President’. It was partly Bill Clinton’s fault that Al Gore lost in 2000 and now of course, the pearl of George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton aims to become the President in 2016. This wording ‘the pearl of Bush’ came from Obama in 2007.