Can you have denial of autism/ASD/aspergers?

I believe I had denial of ASD. Peeps say that autistic people usually have limited or no insight of self.

I think I have asd as many of my relatives and possibly my dad… but I am only realising this after the psychologist used a test to find out if I may have it or not …

I think it is quite possible to not realise but for me I knew from early on I was different but just didn’t know the name

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well I knew I was different too but I attributed it to me being gifted

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Does ASD stand for autism spectrum disorder…im not sure…i know i have bad social anxiety but i dont think im autistic as they say you diagnose that before 18

I am 35 but maybe they just missed the signs beforehand … a lot of people get a late diagnosis

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social anxiety doesnt mean you are autistic

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if you have autism you find it hard to read the emotions of others, for example other person making a funny facial expression and you not able to understand whether they are making fun of you or not.


Yes that is true however it is possible to learn these things and I feel I have a hard time reaning people

in mental disorders anhedonia, flat affect etc can make a person hard to read people but it only appear after the start of illness while in autism its present from birth itself. this can distinguish between mental disease and autism.

is it possible that i have both? my doc thinks i have negative symptoms and she knows im autistic

I had epilepsy and I feel I’ve always been different… I let the docs decide but I have a feeling I may have it

yes both can occur at same time. for autism no need of any treatment while for mental disease treatment needed especially if its affecting normal functioning.

well depends what level of autism is it, level 3 needs treatment fo sure

Autism more often than usual, but not always, goes together with alexythymia. Which is if a person finds it difficult to identity and describe emotions in self and others. It is something one can learn to get better at. I think it is what makes it difficult to see your own autism too.

Autism also can go together with flat effect and/or callous-unemotional traits. It can also go together with the opposite (heightened emotions?) i think.

Last, autism and schizophrenia can go together, in which case there may be negative symptoms too.

my psych said just that i have negatives she didnt say that i have sz and sz wasnt diagnosed so im confused

i sometimes have heightened emotions and sometimes flat affect so its kind of weird honestly lol

Oh, sorry. Maybe they also call it negative symptoms without sz and i was saying it wrong! Dont be confused: im a non-native speaker and a lay person, trust the psych first. If they say you have no sz, trust that you dont. I dont know your diagnosis.

I do know it is possible to have flat or heightened emotions without sz, for all sorts of reasons.

they havent exactly said that i dont have it because my current diagnosis is only a temporary one (psychosis NOS)

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Maybe just start from the idea of not having it for now. I only knew the term negative symptoms as connected to sz, it is how it is used here. But i just read that it is sometimes used more loosely to describe similar symptoms in other issues (e.g. psychosis, depression).

but what if i have it? :confused:

They would have told you so!