Can you have denial of autism/ASD/aspergers?

yeah but what if they just didnt know enough details because i didnt tell them and didnt diagnose me bc of it

I dont think you should worry about that now. Sorry i used the term, i shouldnt have. It was a misinterpretation from my side.

If they think you have sz, they will see it and tell you so. Really. They arent blind. They see your behaviour, next to what you tell them.

For now, i really wouldnt worry about this.


i guess youre right
not everyone with sz is psychotic 24/7 so ??

I dont really know. But they have seen loads of sz people. They know what to watch out for. If they say psychotic disorder NOS, in my experience they think you do not fit their typical idea of sz. Im not your psychiatrist, but i really wouldnt worry about this if they didnt tell you too, just because some lady on the internet accidently started about sz. Just because she misinterpreted something. :wink:

I believe that they wont diagnose me because I am under 18 and my delusions started at age 11

I think they diagnose early onset sz too, if that fits their ideas. Here they do. If they didnt say sz, assume you dont have it. Autism can easily come with something like stress-related psychosis for example.

well i dont have depression and i havent come up with a better explanation for my delusions lasting that long

I have had delusions for years. I currently have no diagnosis of sz and im as good as medfree (and delusionfree), in cooperation with my doc.

i guess youre right then…

Really…I was just stupid to start about sz. Trust the diagnosis of your doctor.

I just took an autism quiz. They said I scored low on autism traits.