How do you know if you have autism?

I think I may have it.

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They can’t say definitely yes or no, but will give you an idea as to whether to pursue the matter or not .

Its possible to have sz with autism but I see many ppl including myself mistakenly identifying the negative symptoms of sz for autism. I myself was sure of having autism and told many drs about it because I quit all my friends and socially isolated. They all told me I don’t have it and my psychiatrist said its the negative symptoms like apathy and asociality that I have and not autism.

The negative symptoms, just like autism have lack of empathy, apathy, asociality, iritability, impulsivity, etc

What I mean is that both people with negative symptoms and autism are not social, I am sure the brain mechanisms behind those is different.
It would be interesting to compare their mechanisms. I read that antipsychotics are also used in autism.

I just got diagnosed with Autism.

I had to spend three hours listening to my mother answer really random questions about my early life and birth.

Most of the stuff high school onwards I covered off well in a pre-assessment work sheet.

I also have paranoid Schizophrenia, and I have been told so many times now that they will not re evaluate it. So I give up. I have both somehow

I 'm the first born. My father was 88 when I mentioned I was going to be assessed. He said he could see no signs, but could well have been thinking of the much narrower autism of when I was a child . My mother died in 2010. Hence there was very little about the very early years . My sister, who is about 3.5 years younger than me, wrote a letter describing what she knew of me when I was 8 or so. My stepdaughter filled in a form . It was decided from the info provided that the symptoms were lifelong .

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The answer to this is whether the symptoms were present when you were really young

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My mum thinks I have autism.

A clinical psychologist diagnosed me as Aspergers but over seven psychiatrists with schizophrenia.

From my ADOS assessment

Picked up on conversational cues to expand answers ,but responses provided few leads.

Didn’t include many nonroutine events

Speech had little inflexion or musicality . Increased in volume when I was passionate about a topic

Eye contact was not well modulated with speech.

In demonstrating task descriptive gestures had little definition

Exaggerated quality to emphatic and instructional gestures

Though interested in maintaining her attention there was not much reciprocal communication

Didn’t display curiosity in the examiner nor ask for more information when given some obvious verbal prompts

Qualities of social responses were awkward at times

Social overtures were mainly related to own interests

Unusual amount of restricted interests in the form of internet activities mentioned

Presented with deficits in imagination and creativity

Presented as having stereotyped/repetitive behaviours

Psychologists can’t diagnose, treat mental illness or prescribe meds here in Canada. Only psychiatrists can and you can’t see a psychiatrist by yourself, you need a reference note from a general Dr or if you were hospitalized to the emergency and emergency Drs transferred you to a psychiatrist.

Its very hard to see a psychiatrist here, I saw many Drs for my sz symptoms and they all ignored me until I had full psychosis with suicide and I was hospitalized for liver failure from intentional Tylenol overdose. I could have died just because they didn’t let me see a psychiatrist.

Do autism meds help you become more social?
If so which meds?

In my case- no! Some people on the spectrum are sociable/want friends but struggle to make friends with people. I don’t think any med makes a major difference.

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Ahh I was thinking that maybe autism meds also improve the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I guess not then.

I feel like I have aspergers sometimes because I’m awkward socially and obsessed with health and nutrition. I like routine too. I wonder if Ive got it. I’m not super smart though, just super obsessed.

Will ask my nurse this month, even if it’s a silly question.

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That’s interesting up to 70 prcnt of autistic people have intellectual disability. Idk if I’d go that far for me though. Although my general knowledge is very very poor.

Intellectual disability + below average ability for ASD

Screenshot_2020-06-12 Autism high IQ Embrace ASD

Some of us have a disharmonic profile i.e a significant gap between verbal and non- verbal intelligence . I fall into that category. That means a full scale IQ is difficult to assess .

There is also the issue of adaptive functioning .

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My first hint was getting slapped around in grade school whenever I tried to initiate hour long conversations on the fascinating technical differences between Skywalker’s and Vader’s light sabers. No one else wanted to go over the Enterprise blueprints with me, either.

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