Can you distinguish a real voice from a fake voice?

Please can anyone tell me if you can tell the difference when somebody is really talking to you or when you hear a fake voice? If so, how? Do you actually hear it exactly the same? Is there any way to know when you hear a fake voice?

My voices had a consistent tone of voice, that’s how I would recognize them, and later, discard them as fake.

My voices also had some themes they liked to return to, and were typically much more offensive, angry, threatening, than anybody else would be. When I had a relapse after 1,5 year, this is how I recognized that what I was hearing was a hallucination: the contents were similar to my previous episode hallucinations.

Another one, though kinda circular, is that once I no longer believed they were real, I had the queer experience of their location seemingly having changed from outside to inside. That helped to distinguish them, but as said, this one is rather circular.

You may ask someone who you trust and knows about your condition when having trouble.

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See I have had different tones and usually different themes or voices. I suppose depending what someone’s said/doing…or my interpretation of paranoia…with myself I just know they’re not real. I think because they come from inside my head rather than outside. Is that possible? Yeh will be seeing psychiatrist soon so can ask

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I can usually tell if I’m hearing a voice in my head but if I hear a voice externally like coming from far away I never can tel if it’s real or not and it bothers me sooo much.

My mom tells me to try and take a video with my phone and if I hear the voice in the video it’s real and if not then it’s most likely fake. This has helped me.

No I record the voices from the birds and it sounds the same whereas to another person it’s not

I don’t hear voices, but I have hallucinated things being said to me from other people and I have yet to find a way to distinguish between the hallucinations and people actually speaking to me.

When I hear birds I listen to them but I’ve never recorded them. I love anything they have to say. I never want to lose that.

I’ve heared birds as hallucination. I don’t want to lose that. I hear external voices. I can’t tell them from real people if I am not alone. If I am alone I know they are hallucinations.