Can you bring out the best version in a person your close too?

Its my aim to do that

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You can’t change ppl. I left bad friends bcz I couldn’t change them.

My “close friend” ignored me after he found out about my schizoaffective diagnosis.

You really can’t change others to genuinely like you or accept you.

He showed me his true colors.

I decided not to make any contact with him.

I think yes, you can be a positive influence in someone’s life, and bring out the best in them.


People can change. I don’t think it’s necessarily anyone’s job to change people especially friends. You can make them aware but you can’t do it.

Yes you can be a positive influence by energy words and actions.


I don’t think I can change anyone. But some people bring out good things in me, and I hope I bring out good things in others.


Did you get rid of your thought voices @Pikasaur ?

I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask those things in other people’s threads when it’s not relevant to the topic.

You can send a pm if you want.

I don’t always bring out the best in people, sometimes I enable the bad things too. I’m very forgiving and accepting. People can be themselves around me.

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